A Road Trip Around Andalucía

Ahhh, Andalucía. How I have fallen in love with you. After a few days in the Las Alpujarras in January we couldn’t wait to go back, and after an invitation from a friend to visit him in La Alcaidesa we leapt at the chance to explore more of the area.

Unlike our last trip where we based ourselves in Pampaneira, this time we stayed a few days here and a few days there, and we travelled through varied landscapes, met amazing people, ate equally amazing food, laughed a lot, and generally had a wonderful trip full of great memories.

We started out by heading north from Malaga towards Córdoba, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Neither of us had researched the area beforehand so we had no idea what to expect, but Córdoba turned out to be a beautiful city with so much history and culture that you could easily spend more than the two days we did wandering around the streets. The oldest part of Córdoba is a wonderful mx of Moorish, Christian, and Jewish architecture, and most religious places are still in use today.

We wandered around the city walls, saw historical monuments, visited the Mosque-Cathedral and the Court of the Christian Monarchs, strolled across the Roman bridge, walked by the river, ventured into a few museums, ate at a lovely restaurant, enjoyed tapas, and spent a few hours at Baños Árabes de Córdoba. The Arab bath house was my favourite part of my time here, three hours of changing between warm, hot, and cold baths, steam room, and saltwater bath, complete with a 30 minute massage and mint tea with pastries. Many thanks to our Airbnb hostess Maria for the recommendation!

As our stay in Córdoba came to an end, we packed our bags and set off in the hire car out of the city and into the hills, to Cazalla de la Sierra, a small town in the foothills of Sierra Norte de Sevilla, part of the Sierra Morena. We had no accommodation booked here, to make things a little more interesting, but the hotel we came across, La Posada Del Moro, was the best we could have found. The owners spoke no English and we all had a fun time trying to understand each other; lots of laughter :-)

The two days we stayed in Cazalla de la Sierra were spent walking; with many National Park trails on our doorstep how could we not? We packed our bags full of local ham, cheese, bread, oranges, and chocolate and enjoyed being out in the fresh air. On the second day we walked about 12 miles and boy did my legs ache afterwards!

The next part of our trip saw us drive down to Seville for a night, where we stayed in a lovely apartment complex through Airbnb again, this time meeting Barbara, a very friendly Italian. The complex was very old and was itself classed as a monument.

Although we were only in Seville for a night, we managed to have a good long walk around the city, taking in the cathedral, enjoying the best ice cream I have ever tasted, and walking up and down the banks of the river. We cooked in our apartment that night but headed out into a local area for drinks, and while out got talking to a group of locals consisting of an olive farmer and his son, the farmers’ friend, an ex-policeman, and some Brazilian girls, with only a few words of English between them. Another good chance to learn some Spanish, considering we were out until 2am with them!

The last leg of our journey was the drive down to La Alcaidesa to meet up with friends. Alcaidesa is an expat community within a stone’s throw of Gibraltar, and it was so nice to spend our few days there relaxing, walking on the beach, exploring old Moorish forts, eating and drinking, and falling asleep at night to the sound of waves.


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    Sounds like you had a lovely time! Adventures with locals make for the best adventures and stories – even if you have a limited common language!

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