Hello! Welcome to Hither and Yonder, an outdoorsy blog that focuses on nature, ecology, travel and the great outdoors.

Nothing beats being outside (in my opinion). Whether it is exploring amazing and beautiful places, watching the sun set, going on an outdoor adventure, or simply venturing beyond your own back garden for some fresh air, taking a moment to appreciate the world around us is a wonderful tonic to a sometimes stressful world. And sometimes the best places to visit can be much closer to home than you think…

Hither and Yonder – Here and There in non-Yorkshire speak – reflects the kind of lifestyle I have; travelling around doing surveys and going off on my own adventures, here one minute, there the next. This blog aims to share posts on a variety of topics, ranging from natural history and wildlife, to ecology, conservation, and some of the places I visit around my work, as well as outdoor and nature travel and adventures. I hope you enjoy them!


About Me

I’m Rachel, a twenty-something Yorkshire lass and freelance ecologist based in the south-east of the UK. Together with my partner Steve, we run Weald Ecology, two field ecologists carrying out protected species and habitat surveys for various ecological consultancies on an as-and-when-needed basis.

Until March 2013 I was a consultant ecologist in London, but while I loved my job it was a struggle financially, what with a long commute and London being too expensive to move to. It also sucked away a lot of my time and I began to resent the 4 hour daily commute (I did get a LOT of reading done though). So over Christmas 2012 I started making plans to go freelance (I’ve always wanted my own business!), then made the decision to quit and be my own boss before I had time to start feeling scared. I haven’t looked back since!

My work is a perfect chance to mix a bit of travel and exploration into my life; I might be carrying out a dawn bat survey in Buckinghamshire one day and end up looking for reptiles back in Kent by the afternoon. I always try to see more of an area in between surveys, whether it is venturing down a footpath or visiting a touristy spot. I’m also constantly adding to the list of great places to eat around the UK…

After I made the leap of travelling abroad for the first time in August 2014 to Visby, Sweden, I wanted to carry on visiting new places and have since spent a week in Ikaria (Greece), Andalucia (Spain, twice!), and Amsterdam (Netherlands), with plans to carry on seeing more of the world!

As well as my work and exploring the countryside, I enjoy reading, writing, baking, cross stitching, pottering around my garden, and being a mighty fire mage in World of Warcraft.


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