Saving To Travel: It’s All About Attitude!

There is one important thing to consider before you even begin to save for that grand adventure you’ve always wanted. It could be you want to trek through the Amazon jungle, or walk around the Isle of Wight in five days, or road trip around Europe.

Whatever it is you want to do, you have to really want to do it.

If you like the idea of doing that adventure you’ve always wanted, but deep down you know you’ll probably not try hard enough to make it happen because of various excuses, then you will never be committed enough to save hard, and so your adventure will never happen.

I follow and read a number of travel blogs. Many of them have posts and articles on how to save money for your travels:

  • Sort through your expenses, look at the minimum amount you need to get by, and shove everything else in a savings account;
  • Put away a set amount each week by direct debit, so the money is gone before you could even spend it;
  • Stop eating out all the time;
  • Stop buying things all the time;
  • Budget;
  • Stop spending on unnecessary things – why do you need to pay for the gym when you can go running for free?
  • Take on a second or even third job, and put the wage into a separate account.

These actions to save money are all easily doable, and sound easy to do when you read them in a blog post. ‘Yea! I can do that! Who needs a social life anyway?’

But many of the problems with saving money are all down to attitude. Yes, you enjoy getting your de-caff vanilla latte and chocolate croissant every morning before work, but if you like buying your breakfast every day more than the idea of doing that thing you always wanted, then it’s just not going to work!

I also read some finance blogs and they offer some useful ideas. Like, think of the items you are buying in terms of the amount of life it steals from you. As you are approaching the coffee shop, seriously think whether that de-caff vanilla latte and chocolate croissant is worth 15 minutes of your life to earn that money to pay for it. Or think of it another way – the money you are spending on one breakfast could last you a day of eating in south-east Asia. Is spending £300 on a single drunken night out in London really worth forgoing a return flight to Sweden, or Greece, or any number of places which will leave you with memories for life instead of a hangover?

At the end of the day, all the practical saving tips in the world will not help you unless you are committed to saving, and committed to making your adventure happen. And once you are committed, then you will be surprised to find how easy it is to make your savings pot grow.


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    We also have had a budget and a set account purely for travel, where we would put money into it every week and never touch other than for its specified purpose.. It is amazing how it adds up so quickly particularly if you can;t down on extraneous expenses.

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