Scrambling Up Snowdon

Soon after the new year I compiled a ‘things I want to do’ list. After climbing a Furth Munro in autumn (Helvellyn) without realising it at the time, I wanted to carry on climbing to complete all 34 Furth Munros. So ‘visit Wales’ went on the list.

Wales is a beautiful country and I have many fond memories of holidays there as a child; exploring the Pembrokeshire coastline, and venturing down the old copper mines of Llandudno to name but a few. Plus my best friend had never been. I couldn’t have that. So we decided to spend 5 days in Snowdonia National Park. Two of those days were spent travelling (god, I hate the M25) but the remaining three days were spent walking part of the Welsh Coast Path, eating ice cream, following a river up into the hills, and, of course, climbing Snowdonia.

The highest mountain in Wales at 3,560 ft (1,085 m), Snowdonia would be, we were told, still covered in snow at this time of year. And so it was! Taking the scenic route to Pen-y-Pass we got our first view of the challenge ahead – complete with a sprinkling of snow. Very scenic.

The walk itself was lovely, and the landscapes and scenery… they were just epically beautiful. We followed one of the more popular routes from the car park at Pen-y-Pass, the Miners Track, which for the most part rises gently up into the hills and around peaceful and tranquil lakes. It is only after you pass the copper mine ruins that you realise what lies ahead; straight up.

What followed was a very steep climb to get to the peak, and the footing became more difficult the higher up we went thanks to sludgy snow, and then deeper snow. If we hadn’t been as fit as we were, we would have found the climb much harder, but after walking in Spain earlier this year and walking round the Isle of Wight for charity a few weeks before, we reached the peak still full of energy! I could still walk the next day too, which was a bonus, as after Helvellyn my legs protested with every step.

And like Helvellyn, we were so lucky with the weather! Sure we had cloud descend from time to time, but hey, it’s a mountain. And the flecks of snow falling every now and then were very pretty. But when the cloud did come down, it was like a whole different world! Very dramatic and eerie.


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  1. So picturesque! I don’t think I’m fit enough to climb any mountains plus I hate the cold.

    • Rachel Bates says:

      Haha, it’s surprising how hot you get when you’re walking up one of these – we walked the last stretch to the summit, in the snow, in our T-shirts! Does get cold when you stop though. Some of them are quite nice and easy, like Helvellyn or Bla Bleinn. Maybe try it one day. You might surprise yourself :-)

  2. Lovely pictures! It reminds of the Scottish highlands.

    • Rachel Bates says:

      Thanks :-) It does, doesn’t it, I think that’s what I like about it. Had a wild and rugged air to it.

  3. Rachel, I honestly never knew that Wales was so gorgeous! I absolutely love your photos! Now I really want to go! Thanks for linking up with us at #wkendtravelinspiration!

    • Rachel Bates says:

      Hehe, you learn something new every day! Wales is so varied as well… next up, a post on part of the Welsh Coast Path we walked :-)


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