The Nasrid Palaces

The Nasrid Palaces within the Alhambra complex in Grenada, Andalucía, are some of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen and most likely ever to encounter. These Islamic palaces were used as a royal residence from the 13th century by the Moorish emirs, and the construction and renovation of buildings were undertaken as befitting the sultans.

Walls are intricately carved with geometric patterns and script from the Qur’an, brightly coloured ceramic tiles decorate lower walls, and blue and white plaster and carved wood adorns the ceilings; it seems as though no surface has been left untouched.

Despite this abundant decoration, the palaces are staggeringly beautiful instead of garish, I think just because of the subtly and simplicity of the materials used. And you can’t help but admire such talented architects and stonemasons with the vision they had to create such a place.


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    • Rachel Bates says

      I like how it is mostly geometric patterns. There was a book in the shop translating all of the text carved into surfaces around the palaces – it was a good few hundred pages long!

    • Rachel Bates says

      I’d never even heard of them until a friend mentioned it when I told them where we were going in Spain! It was so beautiful.

  1. says

    The detailing is amazing! I’ve heard great things about the palaces here and would love to visit. I think I would just stare and stare at all the intricacies.

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